Dale A. Seiberling
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Mr. Seiberling has continuously shared the knowledge developed through his industrial and commercial experiences with the industry-at-large through frequent appearances as a speaker on programs at State and National meetings by industry and professional organizations including ADSA, IAMFES, MIF, IAICM, IFT, USBA, MBA, ISA, ASChE, ASME, PDA and ISPE .. and many metropolitan Dairy Technology and state Dairy Products Association meetings. Though the largest audience has been in the USA, he has appeared also in Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, England, Australia and New Zealand.†

He was a major supporter of the Klenzade Sanitation Seminars during the mid '50's and early '60's, the Midwest Workshop in Milk Sanitation at Ohio State University for more than 30 years, and FDA sponsored programs including the Advanced Workshop in Milk Processing for more than two decades. Appearances at teaching institutions have extended beyond the technical meeting level to classroom appearances before advanced undergraduates. He is currently supporting adult education programs related to CIP Technology for ASME and PDA.†

The subjects of these presentations have been many and varied, and many of the technical talks were subsequently the basis for the technical articles in the Chronolgical Tisting of Publications.†

Mr. Seiberling has personally accumulated and/or created more than 5000 color slides of actual installations or technical drawings based on real-world experience, and has used these slides intensively to advance the understanding of CIP Technology by a vast audience of students, workers, managers, design engineers, quality assurance and validation personnel. The photographs are largely dairy oriented, but the line drawings describe all areas of his personal "hands-on" activity.†

Speaking and Teaching Philosophy - Early in his commercial career Mr. Seiberling recorded these words from a plaque in a corporate chief engineers office:†

At every crossroad on the highway to the†
future the pioneering individual†
encounters 10,000 souls dedicated to†
protecting the progress of the past.

His personal experience has demonstrated that CIP can be applied to any process designed to handle liquid or semi-fluid products, or free-flowing dry granular materials, and that the a common "proven" approach based on sound and tested engineering fundamentals is equally effective in dairy processes, food processes, pharmaceutical and biotech processes, and even industrial chemical processes for highly potent products. His teaching is focussed on using the knowledge gained in the past and modifying it to meet the needs of the future, rather than "re-designing the wheel".†

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