Dale A. Seiberling
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CIP Evangelist

The CIP Evangelist site offers information about the development of CIP technology and more than 55 years of experience in applying it to:

ؠ Dairy

ؠ Brewing

ؠ Food

ؠ Pharmacutical

ؠ Biotech and

ؠ Chemical processes

These pages will provide information about the criteria for the design of a CIPable process, giving consideration to the piping, the equipment, and the arrangement of the piping and equipment in the processing facility. In addition, they will address all aspects of the design, application, installation, and operation of CIP system components including:

ؠ Recirculation units

ؠ Chemical feed systems

ؠ Control systems

ؠ Fixed spray devices

ؠ U-Bend transfer panels and

ؠ CIP cleanable valves

The purpose of this site is to share information, in response to the needs of those now engaged in the design of highly automated processes, which require sanitary or hygenic design, to handle products which are constantly undergoing chemical and biological degradation, or to protect products from contamination, or to assure freedom from cross contamination.

Mission Statement

To assist all users of CIP Technology in making CIP mean Clean-In-Place rather than Clean-in-Part, and to achieve OPTIMAL system performance.

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News and Updates

This site will be under continuous development and modification, to visitors, by sharing the experience of more than 55 years of work for a variety of industries, companies and people througout much of the world
that have provided great opportunity to me.

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